100 Days Celebration For Baby - An Up and Coming Milestone?


A new baby is always cause for celebration (along with your baby bonus)! Here in Singapore new parents traditionally throw a full month or ‘full moon’ party after the baby’s first full month to welcome the baby to the world.

In Chinese culture, babies turning 100 days old is a very important milestone. On this day, family and friends come together to celebrate the baby's arrival and growth. There are many different traditions that go along with this celebration, all of which aim to bring good luck to the child.

Lately more parents are opting for a 100-day celebration instead. We take a look at why this practice is catching on and some of the pros and cons of waiting until your precious newborn is 100 days old to throw a grand baby shower.

What is a 100-day Celebration?



Just like the full month celebration marks baby’s first full month, the 100-day celebration marks a newborn’s first full 100 days. This practice is common in other Asian countries like Korea and Japan, and it dates back to ancient times when life was harder, so it was a good omen if an infant survived past 100 days. Many Asian cultures also believe that the mother and child are most vulnerable in the first 100 days after birth, so the 100-day milestone is also a time to celebrate the end of confinement.


You’ll have more time to plan the perfect party



Many parents take for granted how much planning is involved in a baby’s first celebration. There are guest lists to consider, party venues, catering, and goodie bags to name just a few things that need to be crossed off the list. The 100-day celebration gives you a bit more leeway to iron out all of those details and make any last-minute changes if something falls through. Plus, you won’t have to stress out about trying to plan everything immediately after the baby arrives.

You’ll have more energy to enjoy the party

Any mother will tell you that the first month after giving birth is the hardest because your body is still recovering from the delivery, your newborn is up at all hours, and you and baby are still adjusting to feedings. By opting for a 100-day party, you give yourself more time to rest, recuperate, and bond with the baby. After about six to eight weeks, you should be fully recovered and have more of a routine going on, so you can focus on entertaining guests and actually enjoying the party.


Older relatives may not understand

The 100 day celebration gift is a relatively new trend in Singapore and many parents are now opting for more modern food, drink, and settings. This may not jibe well with older family members who don’t understand why you want to break with tradition. One way to get around this might be to host an intimate full month gathering for family where you can adhere to traditional customs, and then a 100-day bash done up in your own unique style.

Your confinement lady might not be there

Traditionally, most confinement nannies will be there for you during the 1st 28-30 days of you having a baby. If you are planning a full month celebration, having a confinement nanny will be really helpful to free up your time (and your hands), so that you are able to mingle freely with your family and loved ones. 

However, with a 100-day celebration, most moms will not have the additional helping hand of a confinement nanny. Expect to carry and tend for your little one throughout this celebration! 

What Gifts to Bring to a 100-day Celebration?

Looking for an extra special 100-day celebration gift? We suggest making it personal. Our wide selection of beautiful baby gifts can be customized with names to create keepsakes that parents and children can treasure for years. We also have gorgeous gifting hampers that include the perfect combination of items a new parent and baby might need to celebrate their first year of life.