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Loving Soft Toy

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      Proudly designed by our very own team. Both the bunny and the teddy have a sweet heart-shaped nose, hoping to bring love, happiness and joy to every precious Loving soft toy owner.

      Your child's plushie is their constant companion – a best friend, an adventurer, a source of comfort. At Lovingly Signed, we cherish that special bond. Our plushies are crafted with love and the finest materials, designed to bring joy for years to come.

      Explore our collection of adorable bunnies and classic teddy bears! Each cuddly companion is ready to spark imaginations and become a lifelong friend. With so 

      Our best-selling Loving Bunny, with its soft fur and floppy ears, is a beloved choice for newborns, birthdays, and any special celebration.  A plushie is a gift that always brings a smile.

      Add a personal touch!  Embroider their name or initials for a keepsake they'll treasure.

      Lovingly Signed is your go-to place for premier baby gifting.