3 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas of 2019

More and more parents prefer to find out the gender of their babies before birth, boosting Gender Reveal announcements into popularity. More than just an excuse to gather your favourite people and throw a celebration; a Gender Reveal is a part of your newborn’s journey. In fact, it’s a celebration of your little one’s anticipated arrival surrounded by their own loved-ones! This is the real cause for celebration.

To help you celebrate and capture this moment, we’ve compiled the three most creative and picture perfect ideas (here are a few gifting ideas too) for your Gender Reveal announcement below. Be warned, it’s going to get a little bit messy!

#3 - Water paint guns

gender reveal water gun fight

Remember those moments in your childhood at the pool or beach where you would chase your siblings around with water guns? Well, we’ve just upgraded the game to a whole new - colour level! This method is fun, easy to execute and allows everyone to participate. All you need is some acrylic paint or other water-soluble paint, some water, and water guns.

Gender reveal water gun fight 2

First, choose your appropriate colour palette for the baby’s gender e.g., cooler tones for boys (blue, green, yellow, navy) and warmer ones for girls (orange, pink, red, purple). Then, fill a large bucket with your colour mixture (20% paint & 80% water) and fill those guns. Make sure you’re wearing white for the big moment.

This is a beautiful and fun way to capture the Gender Reveal Announcement and you can frame your splattered clothes as a souvenir.

#2 - Balloon colour-pop painting

Gender reveal paint balloon popping

Bringing art from the classroom to your celebration! A cross between sport and art, popping balloons filled with paint on blank canvas increases the excitement of finding out your baby’s gender. Fill up balloons with a 50:50 water to acrylic paint mixture and tape them on a blank canvas (top or centre), we suggest using at least three paint-filled balloons in order to get the maximum artistic effect.

Elevate your canvas on a table or with an easel and then get Mum & Dad to take turns throwing darts at the balloons. Once popped, you’ll have a beautiful abstract piece of art rivaling Pollock (!) to commemorate this Gender Reveal. For those more daring, use a bow and arrow to pop your balloons!  

#1 - Coloured powder

Gender reveal coloured powder pink

Our top and the absolute favourite idea of 2018 is inspired by India’s Holi Festival (festival of colour) which celebrates life giving thanks for the harvest and welcoming the new spring. Drawing inspiration from the festival, you can also use coloured powder to celebrate your newborn's arrival during the Gender Reveal announcement. It’s not only fun and allows all of your loved ones to take part but it’s also, simply beautiful.

Gender reveal coloured powder 2

Make sure you’re outside (the colours stain) and in an open space. Gather all of your friends and family (make sure everyone is in white!) and give them each two small paper cups filled with coloured powder. We suggest different shades of the same colour depending on your baby’s gender. Now get ready to be showered with colours! 

Gender reveal coloured powder blue

Are you getting ready to throw a Gender Reveal party? Feeling inspired by the ideas above? If so, send us a photo of your reveal to info@lovinglysigned.com - we’d love to feature you on our Instagram profile.

Do you have other creative Gender Reveal ideas to share? Comment on our post below!