5 Fun Activities for Kids at Home during Coronavirus Quarantine

With many schools closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, most children are now staying at home. If you are looking for new activities to do with your kids at home, we’ve put together our favorite list of activities that are creative, educational and fun for the whole family.

Get Moving

Who says being home means you can’t stay fit with your children? Look out for Joe Wicks (@thebodycoach), who does live P.E sessions on his YouTube channel daily! If you’re based in a different time-zone, you can always replay the videos on his channel. The exercises are easy to follow, so you can partner up with your children and work out together at home.

Creative Crafts

Easter is upcoming, so why not start crafting at home with your kids? From painting Easter eggs to DIY paper crafts, get creative with your little ones! You can check out @bestideasforkids on Instagram for crafting inspiration, or check out the hashtag #kidscraft on Instagram to see what others are making! 


It’s even more important during this time to keep your children’s toys sparkling clean. Make this a fun activity at home by creating a toy-washing bin for them to clean their plastic toys! Simply fill a bucket or container of water, add tear-free soap, and voila! Guide them on how to wash their plastic toys and lay them out to dry afterwards. This is definitely a productive and fun way of spending time during home quarantine.  


Now that you have more time to spend with your kids at home, read them their favorite story book! You can also introduce them to new titles, or have them act out the stories to make it more fun! For bedtime story time, check out our storytelling torchlights that project images on the wall in the dark. Shop our storytelling torchlights here >

Baking Time

Baking is a fun activity for both adults and children alike! Invite your little ones to be your baking assistants, and let them decorate cupcakes, cookies and cakes! There are tons of simply baking recipes available online, and most basic ingredients are probably already sitting in your cabinets. Since Easter is coming up, why not bake Easter cupcakes?

We hope our list of fun activities will inspire you to spend this time during home quarantine to bond with your children. Time is the most precious gift any parent can give their child, so take this as a special opportunity to play and learn together!