5 Traditional Chinese Baby Gifts

Every culture celebrates the birth of a new baby differently, and here in Singapore, Chinese parents often throw a ‘red egg and ginger’ party either one month or 100 days after a baby is born to introduce the newborn to the world. If you’ve been invited to one of these joyous occasions, then you might be wondering what kind of gift to bring. While nursery necessities like blankets, towels, and toys are always welcome, a traditional Chinese baby gift is a great way to honor the baby’s heritage.

Hongbao (red envelopes)

Hongbao Red Packets

A red envelope filled with money is about the most traditional Chinese gift you can give, as these little parcels are popular for all sorts of occasions including the birth of a new baby. Red is the colour of happiness in Chinese culture, and the gift itself symbolizes good luck and prosperity for the baby. The amount of money you include inside is up to you, and generally depends on how well you know the family.


Kids Jade Bangle

Jade is a symbol of purity, wisdom and protection in Chinese culture. For centuries, jade was more valuable in China than gold or silver, and even today it is still highly sought after in jewellery and ornamental artworks. A piece of jade jewellery or a jade charm is a great baby gift that can be treasured as a keepsake. Jade bracelets and pendants are common Chinese baby gifts, along with charms shaped as the astrological animal sign for the year the baby was born.

Longevity Locks

Longevity Lock

Another traditional Chinese baby gift is the longevity lock, which is worn either on a bracelet or a necklace and symbolizes good fortune and health for the baby. The tradition dates back to the Han Dynasty when families would hang silk ‘longevity threads’ over their doors to ward off bad luck. Today the locks come in all shapes and sizes and can be engraved with special characters or even the baby’s name. The idea is that the lock stays closed until the child grows up and gets married.

Gold or Silver Jewellery

Molly Brown New Baby Christening Bangle

Chinese grandparents often give gold jewellery to their new grandson or granddaughter for the baby’s full month or 100-day celebration. However, even if you’re not a lucky grandparent, you can still shower the new little bundle of joy with a bit of bling. A simple gold or silver bracelet or necklace will always be appreciated and is the type of gift that will last for years to come.

Baby Clothing

Personalised Babygrow

If you’re thinking to gift something practical, baby clothing is always a good bet. We offer a delightful collection of clothing for little ones that can be personalized with baby’s name to make each piece extra special. Peruse our collection for adorable onesies, soft toweling robes made with 100% cotton, and customised bandanas in your choice of colours and embroidered names.