7 cute baby gift basket ideas for newborns

Welcoming a little human into the world is a momentous occasion, and what better way to celebrate that than with a lavish baby gift basket? From little plush teddy bears to books and blankets, we’ve curated the best baby gift baskets for newborns that you’ll find here in Singapore.

At Lovingly Signed, we sprinkle love and care on every newborn gift. We aim to curate a beautiful gift for the little ones and proud parents with a touch of personalization so families can have it as a keepsake. We design our gifts with love, care and attention and pack them in luxury style gift boxes layered in delicate tissue paper alongside a paper bag. Here, you can find a diverse range of handpicked baby gift items from abroad and get free delivery anywhere in Singapore.

Cherish these precious moments and say “I love you” with our baby gift basket from Lovingly Signed.

The Beary Bear Set

Provide your little one with the best companion they can ever have! Our The Beary Bear set consists of

  • Jellycat Bartholomew Bear
  • The Only Bear For Me Book

The Jellycat Bartholomew Bear is ready for a new cuddle partner and there’s no one better than your newborn baby! The cute bear is coupled with an exciting bedtime story – The Only Bear For Me that makes your baby go on adorable little adventures while you set him to sleep. Pick a thread color and add your baby’s name on the bear’s jumper for a perfect keepsake.

beary bear set | Lovingly Signed

The Promises to You Set

Our Promises to You Set expresses love and promises from a loved one to the tiny one. This gift is packed in a magnificent gift box that makes it highly appealing when unboxing. This set includes:

  • Snowy Penguin
  • Promises For You Book

Our Mr. Snowy Penguin has a cute little peak and the softest fur, making it the best cuddle bud for your little one. Bring Mr. Snowy Penguin along for bedtime stories and read the ‘Promises For You’ book, a perfect story to express how much you love and care for them. Your child will feel safe and joyous under your everlasting promises and protection.

promises to you set | Lovingly Signed

Bedtime Stories Gift Set

Getting your baby to sleep is now easy-peasy with our Bedtime Stories Gift Set! Your baby girl or boy can listen to pleasing little stories while going to sleep. This amazing gift provides you with:

  • Cotton Blanket
  • Welcome to the World Book

While your baby huddles under our soft and lush Cotton Blanket, read the ‘Welcome to the World’ Book for bedtime. With colorful pictures and a lively story, bedtime will no longer be trouble for the baby or you. The Bedtime Stories Gift Set is ideal to welcome a new family member. Aside from personalizing the blanket, write a short lovely note on the front page of the book so your baby can feel your love and cherish childhood memories when they get older.

bedtime stories gift set | Lovingly Signed

Personalized Baby Shower Gift Set

A baby shower is a special occasion for expectant moms, and a personalized baby shower gift set can make it even more memorable. This set includes:

  • Gingham Hooded Towel
  • Baby Silky Cotton Blanket
  • Jellycat Bunny Comforter

Baby showers are special occasions for expectant parents to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their little bundle of joy. To make this occasion even more special, why not give the expecting mom a personalised baby shower gift set? This love-filled set provides warmth after a bath with our favorite Gingham Hooded Towel, a cozy sleep while wrapped in the incredibly soft Baby Silky Cotton Blanket, and a bashful and delightful Jellycat Bunny as a Comforter. This trio set can be personalized with their gender or favorite color.


Hospital to Home

Welcome the little one to his new home with loads of love and warmth! Our Hospital to Home gift set comes with lovely goodies that will make new mums and the wee one delightful. In this set, you will find:

  • Cotton Blanket
  • Jellycat Bunny
  • Jellycat Bunny Comforter

Bring joy to the new parents with this adorable Hospital to Home Gift Set! It comes with a cozy and warm Cotton Blanket safe and wrapped for a newborn, a cute Jellycat Bunny plush that is perfect for snuggling and a Jellycat Bunny Comforter, gentle on sensitive skin. With this set, you can make sure that the new bundle of joy will enjoy their first days at home comfortably. Personalize this gift set with the newborn baby’s name with your selected thread color to embroider on the blanket, comforter and the bunny’s jumper.

Hospital to Home Gift set by Lovingly Signed

Personalized Organic Essentials Set

Our Personalized Organic Essentials Set contains all practical and useful items for the little one. The essentials included in this set are:

  • Cotton Blanket
  • Bamboo Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Our long sleeve bodysuit is made of bamboo fabric that is friendly to the environment. The bodysuit is super soft, comfortable and stretchable to wear throughout the day and night. The set also includes a soft, cotton blanket for wrapping your baby up during sleeping time and both items can be personalized with the baby's name to add a special touch to the gift.


Joyful Baby Gift Set

Make this newborn's first days extra joyful with this Joyful Baby Gift set. This set of essentials include:

  • Hooded Towel
  • Baby Grow
  • Cotton Blanket
  • Jellycat Bunny

Welcome the newest addition to the family with this Joyful Baby Gift Set! This set includes all the essentials for a newborn baby and will make them feel extra special and loved from day one. This set comes with a hooded towel to keep the baby warm and cozy, a baby grow for comfort, a cotton blanket for snuggling up during nap time, and a Jellycat Bunny for lots of fun! Show your joy for their new little one with this delightful gift set.

JOYFUL BABY GIFT SET | Lovingly Signed

Lovingly Signed provides an incredible range of newborn gifts.

Lovingly Signed is filled with amazing baby gift basket ideas that you can spoil a newborn with. Browse through our catalog and select from the broad range of products that can also be personalized by color and name for the new baby. We deliver quality products with free shipping in Singapore, making it people’s number one choice for baby gift stores in Singapore. Treasure our gift for years and mark them as a token of love from Lovingly Signed!