A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Baby Name

Congratulations! The journey to being a parent is an incredible one, filled with anticipation, joy, and a long list of important decisions to make and those decisions all start with what to call your child. With so many options available, finding a name that resonates with you both can be a fun process. In this blog post, we will guide you with some fun and thought-provoking ideas that will help you select a baby's name.

Explore Your Heritage and Family History:

Consider looking into your family heritage and history for inspiration. Are there old family names handed down from generation to generation - even as middle names. Sometimes there are names with cultural significance too. Either a family name or cultural connection can really create a sense of belonging for your child. 

Meaningful and Positive Associations:

If you put almost any name into Google, it will churn out a meaning and sometimes several different meanings.  It is worth taking the time to review any names that come to mind to see if there are any associations behind the name.  Seek names that embody qualities and values you hope to instill in your child, such as strength, kindness, or resilience. Look up the origins and meanings of different names to ensure they align with the traits you wish to nurture.

Consider Name Pronunciation and Spelling:

This is a big one! Do remember that your child will have to live with their name for a lifetime, so it's essential to consider the practicality of pronunciation and spelling. While unique names can be beautiful, an overly complicated or frequently mispronounced name can cause frustration for a lifetime. Some people like to opt for ultra unique names or simply unique spellings of more traditionally spelt names. Think about all of this before settling on a name. Sometimes simplicity is beautiful. 

Future-Proof: Timelessness and Adaptability:

Trends come and go, and what might be in favor today may lose its appeal in the future. Choose a name that holds strong for years to come. Classic names with enduring charm often maintain their beauty and relevance throughout generations. One thing to think about is how does this name sound against a male or female in their 20s/30’s or even 80s? Additionally, consider how the name sounds in various professional and cultural contexts. Some industries may lend themselves more to unique and interesting names and some to more traditional names. 

Pay Attention to Sound and Compatibility:

Experiment with the cadence, rhythm, and flow of the name you pick when paired with the surname. Listen for any potential repetitive sounds or unintentional rhyming that may lead to teasing or difficulties in communication. David Davidson for example may lend itself to some teasing or Sam Sung! 

Test the Name:

Before making a final decision, try the name out loud. Say it in different contexts, such as when calling your child's name from another room or introducing them to others. Does it roll off the tongue easily? Does it bring a smile to your face? This vocal test can help you gauge the name's practicality and how it resonates with you and your partner. Imagine yourself in the supermarket calling after your child - how does it feel or sound?


Choosing a name for your baby is a momentous decision that requires careful consideration and thought. Although, you might have been thinking about this since you were young and have your names set in stone already! But, it's an opportunity to give your child a timeless treasure—a name that reflects their identity, heritage, and the hopes you have for their future. 

Enjoy this beautiful journey of discovery, and may you find a name that will be cherished for generations to come