Baby's Full Month Celebration - A Guide to a Local Tradition in Singapore


For many Asian families in Singapore and across the region, a baby’s first full month (or first full moon) is a major milestone and cause for celebration. This Chinese tradition dates back to ancient times when life was tougher and a full month of good health was a great omen for the baby’s future. Nowadays, the first full moon marks the end of the confinement period for baby and mum and time to throw a joyful party to officially introduce the newborn to the world. 

Special Full Month Rituals in Singapore

Before parents get to show off their little one, there are a number of rituals that usually take place either just before or on the actual date the baby turns one month old. These include lighting incense and making offerings to ancestors, a cleansing bath for mum, and a bath for baby in water that includes hard-boiled eggs to symbolize birth and renewal, coins for a prosperous future, flowers for a bright future. The newborn also gets his or her first haircut, and both mum and infant get dressed up in new clothes (usually red for good luck) and gold jewellery.

The Newborn's Full Month Party


The full month party is where all the fun happens with extended family and friends gathering to eat, drink, and give their blessings to the new little bundle of joy. Full month parties vary depending on the wishes and budget of the family. Some are small, intimate gatherings that take place in the parent’s home, while others are full-fledged affairs with buffets, music, and dancing in a hotel, restaurant, or reception hall (here are some interesting venue locations). The party is also when the parents officially announce the infant's name, which is traditionally chosen by the paternal grandfather.

What to Expect at a Full Month Party?

No matter what size the full month party, there will almost always be food on offer. Again, it really depends on the family’s tastes, so you can expect anything from traditional Chinese dishes to contemporary cuisine.

Traditionally, red foods are offered because they represent luck and happiness. Each guest will receive symbolic gifts like hard-boiled eggs dyed red that represent new life (an odd number for a baby boy and an even number for a baby girl), and red glutinous rice cakes, also known locally as ang ku kueh, in a rounded shape for a boy and a flat shape for a girl, that represent longevity and wealth because they are shaped like turtles. There are different types of ang ku kueh fillings to choose from such as peanut paste, mung bean paste and even durian.



Customised butter cakes from well-loved bakeries like Bengawan Solo and Polar Puffs are also traditionally given to relatives, friends and colleagues. However, modern parents may prefer to give sweeter treats like chocolates, cupcakes or cookies.



Gifting Ideas for a Baby Full Month Party

Much like a baby shower in western culture, the full month party is an opportunity for guests to shower the newborn and parents with gifts. Common gifting suggestion include keepsakes like jewellery and piggy banks, baby clothing, soft toys, and necessities like blankets, towels, and bibs. Not sure what to get for your next full month party? We offer a range of personalised beautiful baby gifts and baby hampers from around the world that can be embroided to make your gift that much more special. We also offer free delivery in Singapore and free international delivery for orders above SGD $250.