Baby Shower and Pregnancy Product gift ideas

Whether it’s a friend or family member announcing that they are expecting, it’s always a call for celebration and excitement. Choosing a suitable gift for a baby shower or pregnancy reveal may be difficult with the variety of items that are available in stores or online but, no worries! Let’s take a look at some gift ideas that are thoughtful, practical and caters to the needs of the wonderful parents-to-be!

Decors for a Nursery Room

As expecting parents begin setting up the baby’s room, contributing items for the nursery will be greatly appreciated. Decors adds charm and completes the look of the room. Some would prefer adding wall art, mobiles, soft toys, etc. You can even consider getting a nursery organiser! Of course, if you feel too spoiled for choice, there are even bedroom bundles you can look into.

Pampering Gifts for Mummy

Treat the expecting mummy-to-be to a short pampering session at the spa! Too tired to leave the house? That’s okay! Auum's Home Essential Manicure & Pedicure is perfect to keep her off her feet while she indulges in a day of self-care.

You can also consider gifting her a scented candle! Our Paradise and Duvet soy wax candles are not only suitable for any household, their scents are subtle and brings forth a sense of calm.

Baby Items

Gifting baby items can be meaningful and memorable- even more so when these gifts are personalised. You can choose to gift a hamper filled with practical and functional items, such as teethers, baby bottles, snacks, and clothes, or even a simple personalised blanket to make it much more special!


A book can never go wrong and can be a valuable addition to their home library. Whether it happens to be a parenting book to give advice and guidance to the future parents or a baby book for them to read to their child after they are born, you have a wide range to choose from.

Soft Toys

A soft toy goes a long way for any child. Not only does it help with their sensory skills and provides a comforting presence, it is also something they can squeeze, hug and play with. Their first ever chou chou can come in the form of any soft toy, such as a bunny or even a small little comforter.

Don’t forget, it’s the thought and effort that is placed into arranging the gift that make it special. Regardless of what is given, I’m sure the parents-to-be will love and appreciate the choices you’ve made!