Better Together – Lovingly Signed Partners with Top Baby Companies in Singapore to Strengthen Our Offering

For the last few months, we have undergone so many changes here at the Lovingly Signed HQ as we look to improve our products and service for you, our loyal and unwavering customers.

One of the most exciting developments is our new collaborations with some amazing Singapore based companies.

By partnering with other local companies, we are able to combine our unique strengths and offerings, leading to more comprehensive and innovative products and services for you. Additionally, we are able to bring you cross-promotional offers and special deals and discounts.

Lovingly Signed believes that local collaborations between businesses foster a sense of community and trust, as consumers witness businesses coming together to create a seamless and positive experience. Ultimately, consumers stand to gain the most from these partnerships, reaping the rewards of a vibrant and customer-focused local business network.

In April, we launched partnerships with three amazing companies to bring you gifts for the special woman/mum/sister/wife/friend in your life: 

  1. The Monologue Co - who create safe and natural candles.
  2. Petite fleur who create fresh, handcrafted bouquets of flowers with a unique style of enchantment and romance.
  3. AUUM who offer vegan, non-toxic, cruelty free manicures and pedicures.  

This month we launched an amazing partnership with Wunderfood which believes that healthy and nutritious food can taste great yet stay affordable. There’s no sugar-coating it – Real food cooked and packed immediately for your convenience. We recently collaborated on a joint competition between our two brands.

lovingly signed partner with wunderfood

we continue to expand our partnerships with beautifully aligned companies to add value to you and to expand our offering to bring you the best products for all parents. 

Also, this month, we launched a whole new range with Minene - a luxurious children’s brand made for parents, by parents. 

Our new range includes, personalised nap kits for preschoolers, clothing, bamboo muslin cloths, luxurious playmats and Musical toys

Collaborating with Minene has allowed us to expand our product range for our customers whilst guaranteeing the same amazing standards that Lovingly Signed customers are accustomed to.