Breastfeeding Journey with Mama Debrah

Breastfeeding is not an easy journey for all mummies out there. Each and every journey is truly unique and special.

We are glad to have Mummy Debrah (, who is a working mom, to share her breastfeeding journey with us. 

She has 2 adorable babies, Emilia (daughter) and Choops (cat)!

While breastfeeding might seem really scary and daunting for some moms, we just want to let you know that you are not alone in this journey! Let us have Debrah share her breastfeeding experience and tips with us. 

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1. What was your #1 struggle as a first-time mummy?

Definitely breastfeeding - No one prepared me for how difficult it would be. There’s so much to learn and it does not come naturally, contrary to popular belief. 


2. What’s your biggest challenge while caring for baby Emi?

I think it took some time to really understand her. A lot of people think of babies as objects, but honestly, they’re not that different from us adults. They have preferences, needs, wants, and communicate with us in their own ways! It was frustrating trying to figure out what she wanted but after 3 months it did get easier.



3. How long have you breastfeed baby Emi so far? How long are you going to breastfeed Emi?

It has been 5 months and well prolly keep going until she is ready to wean!


4. How do you cope with working and breastfeeding?

I take a more relaxed approach to combo feeding. I hate pumping and so when I’m not around I have my mom feed her formula, if there isn’t any expressed milk!


5. What are the challenges/embarrassing moment that you faced while breastfeeding?

I think there’s a lot of myths about breastfeeding vs formula. Plus society doesn’t take kindly to seeing women breastfeed/pump publicly. I do think that these should be normalise. It’s a bit awkward but I pump/breastfeed freely around the home and office. I think it sets an example for my team of staff and even relatives, to show there’s nothing weird about it.


6. Are there any particularly heart-warming moments you had while breastfeeding Baby Emi?

Ironically the sweetest moments for me are the tough ones. The midnight feeds, when it’s just the both of us and the whole house is asleep. Its bittersweet and I think I’ll miss those moments for sure. 


7. What are some tips or advice you would like to share with other mummies?

Don’t stress about providing for your baby! Fed is truly best. At the start, I was so focused on forcing myself to breastfeed fully and it worked out terribly. In addition to learning how to be a mother, it was just added stress. We began with formula cos of her jaundice but I eventually managed to transition to full breastfeeding if I’m around.

If not, anyone else can give her a bottle! It makes for a fairer workload about the home and allows the family to chip in and care for Bb. Take care of yourself in the process. A happy mama makes for a happy baby.