Celebrating National Day in Singapore: 5 Joyful Activities to Share with Your Children

National Day is one of the biggest and proudest celebrations in the Singapore calendar. The nation commemorates its independence and cultural heritage. 

It's the perfect opportunity to put your pens and tools down and spend some valuable time with your loved ones and bond with your children and instill a sense of patriotism and appreciation for their homeland. In this blog, we'll explore five delightful activities that will help you celebrate National Day with your little ones, creating lifelong memories and fostering a strong connection to Singapore's unique identity.

Five wonderful activities for your young family: 

  1. Attend the National Day Parade: The National Day Parade (NDP) is the pinnacle of celebrations in Singapore. Witnessing the proud  displays of patriotism, breathtaking performances, and spectacular fireworks is an experience your children will cherish forever.
    Don’t forget it is a ticketed event but if you were not lucky enough to bag a ticket, there are plenty of places you can park your picnic rug and enjoy the celebrations from. Just remember to pack the snacks and water to keep your little ones comfortable throughout the event.

  2. Create DIY National Day Crafts: Engage your children's creativity by making DIY National Day crafts together. From crafting Singapore flags and Merlion-themed bookmarks to creating red and white friendship bracelets, these crafts will not only keep them entertained but also serve as lovely mementos of the special day.

  3. Cook Up Local Delicacies: Singapore is renowned for its diverse culinary scene. Involve your children in the kitchen and whip up some traditional local delicacies such as kaya toast, chicken rice, or laksa. Cooking together is a bonding activity, relax into the mess and have some fun preparing some uniquely Singapore treats.

  4. Visit the Old Singapore: Take a boat trip over to one of the islands just off of Singapore’s mainland- St Johns/Lazarus/Palau Ubin to name a few. Here you will find a more rustic and untouched Singapore.
  5. Cultural Dress-Up Party: Encourage your children to embrace the nation's cultural diversity by organizing a cultural dress-up party. Let them dress in traditional outfits from various ethnicities found in Singapore, such as Chinese cheongsams, Malay baju kurungs, or Indian saris. This fun activity fosters inclusivity and highlights Singapore's multicultural tapestry.

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Bonus Activity: Community Involvement: Teaching children the value of giving back is so important and encouraging them to participate in community activities at this time of year is great to teach them responsibility and kindness. 

Let this National Day be a time of bonding, learning, and creating beautiful memories with your little ones. Happy National Day!