Create Lasting Memories with these Personalised Baby Story Books

Just imagine the face of your little one lighting up with excitement when reading a storybook and seeing the main character about them. Load your shelves and add to your children's book collection with these personalised baby books with their name. Embark on different adventures with their favourite characters and see the excitement in their eyes when their name springs up on the pages.

Personalised baby and toddler story books are a sensational way to begin your child’s reading development (plus, they also make a magnificent gift!). Here at Lovingly Signed Singapore, you can find a wide selection of personalised storybooks. From heroic books to animal tales and bedtime stories, our unique collection is perfect for both little boys and girls.

Our Personalised Story Books

A bedtime story or fun reading session for the new reader, Lovingly Signed offers heaps of storybooks that are interesting and certainly to be cherished forever. With our books, you can make it a splendid present for both the parent and child for any occasion.

Even if you are clueless about gifts for a baby or toddler, our personalised storybooks are a great gift and token of love.

Explore our collection of personalised story books at Lovingly Signed that will sprinkle extra joy, thrill, and magic into the story time of your little one.

I am a Big Brother Book

To celebrate the joy of becoming a brother, the ‘I am a Big Brother’ Book is the perfect keepsake for this special moment. The addition of a new member to the family is a huge transition to the dynamic of the family, and new big brothers may need additional love and care to adapt to the incoming changes.

Carolin Jayne Church has created a lovely story with sweet little toddler illustrations that are designed for an older brother. Let your older son prepare for their new sibling and lend a hand in the care of the little one with this exceptional book.

I am a Big Sister Book

Sisters are also superb in providing affection, love, and support to siblings. And when the only child becomes a big sister, it requires adaptation to the big life change. This is where our ‘I am a Big Sister’ Book comes into the picture (no pun intended).

This sweet storybook is a lovely story that demonstrates to little girls how to shower their new sibling with additional tender and loving care. With this amazing book, watch your little girl take charge and responsibility of looking after their new little brother or sister.

A to Z: An Alphabet of Animals Book

Enhance your toddler’s learning skills with this storybook! With flaps on each page, our ABC Animals Alphabet Book provides fun learning opportunities to the ones who have just started the journey of picking up letters.

Explore the cute animal behind each alphabet in this stylish lift-the-flap book. From a witty alligator to a carefree zebra, this story shows you the entire colourful animal collection as your little one learns their ABC. Enter a wonderful world of colourful creatures and let your child have an amusing time grasping new things with our Animals Alphabet Book.

If I were a Unicorn Book

If I Were a Unicorn’ Book takes your child on a thrilling forest ride. While your baby nestles down, read our storybook to make him or her fall asleep quickly and take them on dreams that are beyond this world! A magical and entertaining way to lure your child into their fantasies.

The storybook is made of candy pink board that is jam-packed with charming colours and moments. Featuring a squishy tail and glittery horn, your little one can be the star of the story.

Promises for You

Share the joy as your little one begins to grow up! ‘Promises for You’ is an enchanting storybook, bursting with love and promises. Created with tender love, this book is suitable for a newborn baby or your child (who is growing up too fast!).

The story features an adorable little penguin, follow him as he hops and takes you along on a multicoloured voyage to explore the captivating wonders of the world. The promise of sticking to them through thick and thin develops a sense of happiness, satisfaction, and calmness to develop trust and security as your little one falls asleep.

The book is filled with brightly coloured beautiful decorations that fill up 32 pages. ‘Promises for You’ storybook is the ideal gift to present to any little one at a baby shower, gender reveal party, Christmas, or first birthday.

Benefits of a Personalized Baby Story Book

Lovingly Signed has many personalised baby books with names that helps build a strong foundation as your tiny one grows up. The perfect gift for any occasion and a lifetime keepsake to cherish forever.

We offer ample space to write a personal note for the little one which he or she can read as they grow up. Lovingly Signed personalised storybooks are extraordinary and your kid will always remain forever grateful for them. Aside from being the main character, here are some benefits of getting your child a personalised baby storybook:

  • Enhance self-esteem and confidence
  • Impart diversity and inclusion chances
  • Assist in attention and concentration
  • A perfect gift and keepsake

Personalised story books from Lovingly Signed will make an extra unique gift for your little one. Our selection of story books are customised for the baby as well as toddlers to take them on an adventurous journey and to help initiate robust reading skills in the young ones, instilling creativity and allowing them to explore with their wildest imaginations.

Our personalised storybooks are designed to make your wee ones the magical hero and main character of their own adventure. Customisable for siblings, babies, and families, personalised books from Lovingly Signed offer you a collection of educational, inspiring, and entertaining reads.