International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day on the 8th March is nearing and at Lovingly Signed we felt it was the perfect time to honour the women in our network and all you amazing mummies and women out there. 

Lovingly Signed is women-led and a majority women team. We also partner with other women-led businesses to bring you a broad range of products available to purchase on our website.  

Why is supporting women-led businesses and women in general so crucial?

Firstly, women still constitute a minority in leadership positions across ventures, and there's a significant gap between men and women in securing investment for their businesses. Despite progress, achieving parity in corporate leadership remains a slow process.

So, why does this persist? Women-led businesses receive a mere 2-3% of venture capital investment, crucial for propelling businesses forward. This lack of support hampers the growth of female entrepreneurs, despite studies showing that they often yield higher returns for investors than their male counterparts.

Turning to corporate leadership, data reveals that companies with diverse leadership teams, including women, boast 25% higher profitability compared to all-male teams.

Furthermore, girls consistently outperform boys academically, as highlighted in a recent study by Cambridge University. This underscores that women possess the aptitude for success, debunking any notion of inherent limitations.

While a single day of recognition is insufficient, it serves as a poignant reminder for us at Lovingly Signed to honour the incredible women who contribute to our success each day of the year.

Here's to celebrating some remarkable women in our lives (with many more to acknowledge):

Kelly Lai - Head of Operations at Lovingly Signed

Kelly is our cool, calm and collected fearless leader of the ecommerce team. Kelly binds the whole team together and provides guidance and reassurance to everyone around her. 

Fun fact about Kelly: 

  • Kelly used to be a Barista and loves doing coffee art. She dreams of opening her own cafe as her retirement job! In her free time, she likes to go fishing, cycling or shopping for books (psshh…she has lots of unread books).

Jolene Chew - Founder at House of Holly and a trusted and loved Partner of Lovingly Signed. 

Our partnership with House of Holly is one of our favourites and our customers love to buy our products together. Jolene is a fantastic designer and mumma to two beautiful babes. 

Fun facts about Jolene:

  • As a proud mother of two human kids and two furry corgi companions, Jolene has almost mastered the art of balancing motherhood both in the real world and the canine kingdom – because who says parenting is limited to just one species?
  • In the enchanting realm of House of Holly, her brand reflects not only her love for intricate drawings and painting, but also the whimsical world of her children and corgis. 
  • Juggling the responsibilities of being a mother, a business owner, and the creative mind behind her brand is like mastering the art of spinning plates. Some days are a graceful performance, and on others, it's more of a delightful circus act – but hey, it's all part of the adventurous journey! 
  • Jolene wishes Happy International Women's Day to all the incredible women out there embracing the beautiful chaos of life with a smile!

Allyza Fondoza - Marketing Executive at Lovingly Signed. 

Allyza is the vibrant force behind Lovingly Signed's social media magic. With a passion for connecting hearts and sparking joy, Allyza crafts captivating content that not only promotes our brand but also fosters genuine connections with our community. She brings our brand to life in the digital realm. 

Fun facts about Allyza: 

  • Allyza is a Filipina who brings her exceptional talent to the world of marketing, collaborates with people from various corners of the globe.
  • Allyza is a social butterfly, constantly expanding her network and making friends from all corners of the globe.
  • Through her love for children, Allyza nurtures the next generation of girls to dream big and pursue their aspirations
  • Despite her busy career in marketing, Allyza always finds time to explore new destinations and immerse herself in different cultures.
  • With her savvy social media skills, Allyza effortlessly navigates the digital landscape, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and connecting with her fellow Gen Z peers.

Claudia Tan - Ecommerce Team at Lovingly Signed. 

Claudia is one of our recent additions to our team and comes with a rather interesting career background as a Chemist. 

Fun fact about Claudia: 

  • Claudia is afraid of heights so thrill rides in adventure parks are a big no no!

Jerene Han - Ecommerce Team at Lovingly Signed.

Jerene is our most recent new joiner and joins us with a wealth of experience in Human Resources and Financial Institutions. Jerene works in our ecommerce team. 

Fun fact about Jerene:  

  • Jerene bought a sewing machine right after completing a basic sewing course and started making cushion covers, table runners, totes and pouches for friends and family. The machine has been untouched ever since. Looks like it's time to put the machine to work again!

Happy International Women’s Day to every woman. Here’s to fearless women everywhere! 


Owner - Lovingly Signed