Nursery Design Trends of 2019

Whether you’re awaiting the arrival of your little one in 2018 or looking to update your infant’s nursery OR, you’re just a diehard-design-forward mum, designing your newborn's nursery is no small feat. It’s going to be a safe, relaxing, fun and stimulating space for your child to grow in. Your little one will be spending their first few years in this room, so it’s understandable that mums and dads spend so much time on preparing a nursery before their baby’s arrival (check out our personalizable baby gifts).

First, you’ve got to think about the overall design of your little one’s space. Bright colours, busy-clashing images, trinkets and wall decor can be distracting and even stressful for young developing minds (not to mention cluttering up the house!). Then, visual aesthetics - there are millions of colour options from avocado green to duck-egg blue and you have to decide which images to paint on your baby’s walls. Do your crib sheets have to match the wall designs? Are there specific rules in painting murals on the walls? This is definitely, not a small task.

So, what to do? Where to do go? How to design? Keep calm, and read on parents of 2018.

Design trends this year are geared towards a “less is more” philosophy. There are three simple aspects to keep in mind when designing your newborn's nursery to keep it beautiful, stimulating and keeps you, mummies and daddies, stress-free.


#1 Bold pattern & prints 


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Bold patterns and prints automatically add a unique contemporary feel to your nursery and act as statement design pieces (without you having to buy design furnishings). Simple to accomplish with wallpaper, paint, or by selecting crib sheets, blankets or pillows; you won’t need much more in your little one’s nursery to bring it to life! Simple, bold and unique!

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For 2018, opt for buffalo checkers, tribal or nature-inspired prints.

#2 Minimalistic design


Sticking with our design philosophy, “less is more”, minimalistic designs are taking 2018 by storm. Removing clashing colours and patterns as well as the stereotypical gender colours from your little one’s nursery will automatically declutter the room. Remember that your environment can affect not only your baby’s mood but your own as well.

The animal paint shop nursery designs


The simplest way to accomplishing a minimalist design is to use neutral colours for your walls e.g., cool greys, whites, eggshell or pastel blues. This will give you more creative freedom when choosing furnishings, as these will be your statement design pieces. Remember, minimalistic design only works if you furnish your nursery with just the necessities like a crib, cupboard, armchair and mobile. Think of them as sculptures being highlighted by your neutral background!

#3 Colour blocking

Colour blocking project nursery blog


Our favourite design trend of 2018 - colour blocking! There are so many creative design patterns that can be achieved with colour blocking. This method is essentially, using large and generally geometric shapes that have been blocked out in one “hero” colour as a design aspect. We would recommend picking either neutral or pastel colours for this design method to give your nursery an editorial look and feel.

You can achieve this look simply by tapping off the shapes you wish to colour in (use masking tape - it’s easy to peel!) and then paint within the tape. Et voilà! Effortless designs fit for Design Digest!

What do you think of 2018’s design trends? Have you tried them out or have your own designs to share? Send us a photo & tag us on Instagram! We would love to hear from you and see your creativity!