Planes, Trains & Automobiles! Stress Free Travelling with Baby

As a mum of two children, I have had my fair share of troublesome journeys over the years. 

We hail from two different countries, and we live in a third country so travel is just a way of life. Some trips have been better than others and here are my top 10 tips for smooth sailing! 

  • Sleep

Make sure your little ones (and you) begin any journey with a great night’s sleep under their belt. Travel is notoriously challenging so starting on the right foot is a great foundation. Check out our warm and cosy blankets for the best sleep. 

  • Snacks

Travel can sometimes test even the most patient amongst us and for small children and babies who do not yet understand time, it can be a challenge too far. Having healthy, fun, easy finger snacks to hand can distract even the crankiest of babes in a crucial moment – flight delays, take off, painful ear pain, car seat restrictions – you name it, a snack can solve it!

I recommend avoiding sugar snacks as much as possible – the sugar high is the opposite of what you need when it comes to travel as we are often restricted by seat belts, no go areas, small cabins or cars so elevating energy levels should be avoided as much as possible. We partner with Wunderfood - check out their healthy finger snacks. 

  • Activities

There are so many options to choose from, starting with books, cuddly toys, colouring paper, and pencils.  Something to keep in your back pocket are electronic devices. Tablets and phones with pre downloaded shows or games are sometimes essentials on longer travel. I used to think I would not allow my children such devices but it turns out that such items are crucial on occasion. 

  • Keeping Warm

Airports, buses, planes, taxis, trains and lounges are notoriously highly air conditioned and leave you feeling pretty chilly. Make sure you have lots of warm clothing or better still, one of our snug personalised blankets to ensure comfortable travel and maybe even a nap or two! 

  • Comfortable, Soft Change Of Clothes

Looking cute is great but when the chips are down and you have a taxi ride, two flights, a boat and a bus ride ahead of you, being comfortable is much more important. Check out our bamboo onesie for your little ones – soft and snug and great for travel. 

  • Fluids

 It is easy to forget to hydrate when you are moving from vehicle to vehicle but it is even more important when travelling so you stay healthy and feeling good! 

  • Lots Of Extra Nappies, Wipes And Dribble Cloths

I don’t think I can say this enough – calculate what you think you need on average and then double it! In the early years, I remember once begging strangers on a flight to Germany for spare nappies and putting my recently born baby into a nappy fit for a 12 month old.  Plus, my firstborn was a huge dribbler so we were always running out of dribble cloths and bibs! You’ll thank me for this one! 

  • Teething Aids

There is no denying it, teething is just awful for our little babes, the sore gums, red cheeks, ear pain, irritability and general discomfort and discontent. Always have at least one teether in the bag to help them chomp on something should they need it. Check out our teethers here. Sophie La Giraffe is our best seller. 

  • Comforters

This is important – when my firstborn arrived, I gave him a muslin cloth in his bed every nap and bedtime. Within a few weeks, it was a real comfort to him. He is now eight and only gave up his ‘cuddle’ aka his comforter when he was seven. He slept with it every night of his life until then, it gave him much comfort when we travelled, slept in different environments, whenever he was scared or sick. Check out our Jellycat comforters which are a huge favourite. 

  • Even more snacks!

Self explanatory 😊 

Finally, one last word of wisdom from this mumma, be chill! Babies and small children are unpredictable and travel is challenging at the best of times, sometimes we have to let the small stuff go to survive or even thrive on our travels. 

new mum travelling with baby | Lovingly Signed

Bon voyage. 


Owner, Lovingly Signed

Mum to Maximilian, 8 & Adelaide, 6