Teething Troubles: Top Tips for Easing Sore Gums

Teething troubles can start super early for babies – my firstborn started to teeth at around three months and by six months, he had six teeth! My second baby didn’t start to teeth until she was six months old and only had a couple of teeth by twelve months.  The moral of that story being that all babies develop differently and there’s no real normal. For us parents, that just means we must be on the lookout for the signs so we can help our little ones to be as comfortable as possible during this time.

Here are my top tips to care for your baby:

Bibs aplenty

Dribble bibs are sometimes essential for teething babies and toddlers. Once, I counted using fifteen in one day for my son.  It is much easier to change a dribble bib every hour or so than it is to change outfits.

On the other hand, my daughter never needed a single bib because she never dribbled. Bibs are always good though as you can use them to keep clothing clean during mealtimes!


Teethers are a must – some days you will see your little one just wanting to chomp down on something hard and cold. I would recommend you make that a teether rather than your arm, nipple or finger! Which by the way, does happen.

Sometimes babies and toddlers, usually toddlers, become so frustrated and in so much discomfort they want to chomp down on anything. Buy a few teethers - Sophie La Giraffe is my personal favourite and a favourite of babies and toddlers everywhere too! 

Some teethers can be put in the fridge (not freezer) which brings added relief for sore gums. 

Teething gel

There are lots of teething gels you can rub into sore gums when needed several times per day.  Pick one up at your local pharmacy and pop into your changing bag. I ended up having a few tubes – one at home, one in the car and one in the changing bag for on the move.


Love them or hate them, my two babies used them a lot to chomp on when teething. I won’t say too much more on the topic as not everyone wants to use a dummy. For me, they were a huge help. If you do use a dummy just make sure you have a few clean ones with you as they do get dropped and/or lost easily and regularly! 

Pain relief liquid

This is especially useful when your little one wakes in the night from teething pain. 

Comforters and blankets

When I am feeling under the weather, I will seek out comfort – comfort food, comfortable blankets and usually, my bed or my cosy sofa. So, when our babies are equally under the weather, we can soothe them with their favourite blankets, that smell familiar and make them feel safe and happy or with their favourite comforter  to encourage a nap. 

Hugs, hugs and more hugs

Now this one is easy for us mums and dads. Cocoon your little one in love and hugs and let them know it will be better soon. 

The good news is that the second set of teeth that start to come through around the age of six are nowhere near as painful! 

Fun fact – apparently, babies whose teeth come through early, tend to lose those same teeth early too and likewise, babies who have teeth later, tend to hold on to those teeth longer too! 

You’ve got this! 


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Mum to Maximilian, 8 & Adelaide, 6