The Joyful Tradition of Gifting on 100 Days: Celebrating Milestones in Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, every milestone is cherished and celebrated with utmost joy and significance. Among the many important milestones in a baby's life, the 100th day holds special cultural significance. It is a momentous occasion, symbolising the baby's successful adaptation to the world and a joyous celebration of their first three months of life. In this blog post, we delve into the heartwarming tradition of gifting on the 100th day, exploring its cultural significance and the joy it brings to both the giver and the recipient.

  1. Symbolic Meaning of the 100th Day:

    In Chinese culture, the 100th day after a baby's birth is a significant occasion. It is believed that the first three months are the most critical for a newborn's survival, as they transition from a delicate and vulnerable state to a stronger and healthier being. Celebrating this milestone represents gratitude for the baby's health and marks a hopeful beginning for their life journey.
  2. Blessings and Good Wishes:

    Gifting on the 100th day is a way to convey blessings and good wishes to the baby and their family. Traditional gifts often include red envelopes (Hongbao) containing money or thoughtful gifts such as gold jewellery, which symbolise prosperity, luck, and protection for the little one. We have a wonderful 100 Day Gift at Lovingly Signed.
    100 days celebration gift  

  3. Strengthening Family Bonds:

    The act of gifting on the 100th day fosters a sense of unity and strengthens family bonds. Relatives and friends come together to celebrate the baby's wellbeing and offer their love and support to the new parents. It becomes a heartwarming occasion for the extended family to connect and share in the joy of the baby's growth.
  4. Passing Down Cultural Traditions:

    Celebrating the 100th day allows the older generation to pass down cultural traditions and values to the younger ones. It serves as an opportunity to preserve and cherish age-old customs, ensuring they continue to be an integral part of the family's heritage.
  5. Embracing the Joy of Giving:

    For those attending the celebration, the joy of gifting is twofold. Not only does it bring happiness to the baby and their family, but it also fills the giver's heart with joy and fulfillment. The act of giving is deeply rooted in Chinese culture, signifying good intentions and well wishes. Check out our  full baby range suitable for the 100th Day gift. 
  6. Commemorating Growth and Progress:

    As parents witness their baby's growth and development during the first 100 days, the act of gifting becomes a way to commemorate this progress. Each gift represents a chapter in the baby's life and a reminder of the love and care they have received during their early days.
  7. Embracing Positivity and Hope:

    The tradition of gifting on the 100th day embodies positivity and hope for the baby's future. It symbolises a bright and promising path ahead, filled with love, joy, and prosperity.
  8. Bai Jia Zi:

    In Chinese culture, the tradition of shaving a baby's head for their 100th day of life is known as "Bai Jia Zi" (百家姓) or "Bai Fa" (百发). This custom is practiced in some regions of China and is also observed in certain other East Asian cultures.

The significance of shaving the baby's head on the 100th day is rooted in ancient Chinese beliefs and customs. In traditional Chinese culture, the number 100 is considered auspicious and symbolizes longevity and prosperity. It was believed that reaching 100 days of life was a critical milestone for a newborn as it signifies that the baby has survived the vulnerable early months of life. Therefore, the event is often celebrated as a joyous occasion.

In Chinese culture, the tradition of gifting on the 100th day is a cherished and meaningful celebration of a baby's first milestone. It represents the joy of life, gratitude for health, and the warmth of family bonds. The act of giving and receiving gifts on this special day fosters love, unity, and cultural preservation. As this beautiful tradition continues to be celebrated, it brings forth blessings and hope for the baby's journey ahead, while also reminding us of the importance of cherishing every precious moment in life.

Let’s celebrate our much loved babies as they reach that special 100 days.