The Parenting Chronicles: Real Stories from Real Mums (and Dads)

We are launching a new blog from our wonderful, loyal and dedicated customers. 

We start our new fun blog speaking to Yih Fang about her journey to motherhood with her 20-month old toddler, Issac.

Can you share a little bit about you and your family (how many children, ages, location)

I’m a mum to a 20-month old toddler, from sunny singapore!

Opening Up: Can you share a turning point in your motherhood journey?  Was it a moment of joy, a challenge that made you stronger, or something else that shaped who you are as a mother today?

One turning point in my motherhood journey that made me proud of myself has got to be when I started food prep and cooking when my boy was around 6 months old and trying out solids. I’ve never EVER liked cooking (tbh I still don’t like it) but when I see him enjoy the food I prepare, it’s 100% worth the effort! It made me realise how sacrificial motherhood is — you will really do whatever is in your power for your child 💓

Finding Your Balance:  Motherhood has so many facets.  How do you find harmony between your roles as a mum, your personal identity, and your career or passions?

I’m still trying to strike a balance between all the shoes I have to fill, it’s really not easy! I used to be really active and exercise was a huge part of my life but that has since taken a backseat. I’m lucky to have strong support systems in the other aspects of my life to help out when extra hands are needed! In particular I find that emotional support from my husband is extremely important. We try to take time out for ourselves as a couple too, so that we do not forget about “us” 

Support Systems:  We all need a listening ear or helping hand sometimes!  Who are the people in your "village" who uplift you on your motherhood journey?

I count myself so lucky to have a robust village supporting us. My parents and my in-laws are always ready to lend a helping hand, and not forgetting my mummy friends whom I talk to daily about baby and mummy stuff, and of course to rant to when needed! 😆

Advice for New Moms:  If you could go back in time, what's one piece of wisdom you'd give yourself as a brand-new mum?

If I could go back in time, the piece of advice I would give would be to “not compare”. I felt very stressed out during the initial months as I was always comparing everything — from my recovery, to the amount of breast milk I was producing, to how my postpartum body looks. It was really unhealthy and I wish I had been kinder to myself back then.

Celebrating Motherhood:  In the whirlwind of daily life, how do you carve out moments to celebrate the gift of motherhood,  big and small?

I feel that the simplest of things can be a celebration of motherhood, for instance each milestone my boy hits feels like a new level unlocked for all of us. No doubt each level is going to be more challenging than the previous, but it’s a journey that we’re taking together as a family and I’m so grateful to have what we do ❤ Challenge accepted! 💪🏼