Tips On Making Your Baby Shower That Much More Special


Almost every expecting mother wants to throw an amazing baby shower - they're a super fun, celebratory tradition, what's not to love? Every mum has different styles and preferences, so you can be sure that your baby shower will be unique and true to you. However, planning one can be stressful and overwhelming, which is why we've put together a list of tips to help your shower be extra special! 



Keeping a guest book for the guests to sign in (and maybe write a comment along with their names) when they arrive is a beautiful keepsake, and is something that will be treasured for a long time. It's simple yet powerful, and can be nice to look back on in the future. Capturing these memories in a book is a great way to make your shower all the more personal and sentimental.



Store-bought, pre-written invitations are handy for those in a rush, but when planning a unique baby shower, it's better to go for handwritten invitations. These invites are the first thing guests receive, and they officialise and set the theme for the event, so it's vital for them to appear aesthetically pleasing and well-made (so that they're not mistaken for junk mail or disregarded). Another option is e-vites (online email invites) which are also a great choice, and they're easy to design and send out.

Good invitations are brief and include everything needed to know about the event, such as what the event is, who it's for, the date, time, location, and an RSVP confirmation, and they shouldn't leave the recipients confused or wondering about anything. Once you have these aspects completed, the colour schemes, fonts, and other details are all factors that can affect the invitation's appearance - choosing a pastel, mellow colour theme (e.g baby blue with white) is perfect for a baby shower as it's easy on the eyes, classy, and simple. Fonts are critical as well, as they can either make the invitation look professional or silly. Adding little details like designs, patterns, or borders on the invite are nice, so long as they're not distracting or overused. Engaging invitations are a must, as they're the first impressions the guests have of the event - strive for a good one!



As a host, it's essential to make sure everyone feels comfortable and happy at your event. After all, when the guests are all cheerful and having fun, you tend to feel joyful too. This means making sure that everyone has something delicious to eat and drink, a comfortable place to sit, and enough entertainment. You should take into consideration the ages and personalities of the guests - serving only alcoholic drinks inconveniences those bringing kids (and yourself!) and providing exclusively meaty foods may put off guests who eat a meat-free diet. Whether this means catering a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and a range of meals, it's worth it knowing your guests will enjoy your thoughtfulness. However, it's crucial to keep things simple and not overwork yourself trying to satisfy the guests - you deserve a break, and you can't please everyone!




Playing baby-related games is a great source of entertainment for everyone at the event, and are effective icebreakers. Unfortunately, there are a lot of popular baby shower games that might leave things a little awkward, so playing less embarrassing games helps avoid any unnecessary discomfort and humiliation. Games such as 'Guess Mommy's Measurements' and 'What's in the Diaper?' are pretty self-explanatory, and should probably be avoided. There's good food served at the shower - why make guests lose their appetite by sniffing (and even eating) mushy, poop-like chocolate from a diaper?  The games may come off as rude and distasteful, which is never something you want at a joyful celebration. Fortunately, there are a lot of entertaining and less humiliating games to play, including: 'Guess the Baby Food,' 'Who's that Baby?' 'Baby Price is Right,' and so many more.




It seems obvious, but having an organised theme for the party makes planning much more seamless. It prevents your shower from looking like a last-minute idea jumbled together as it makes sure that the decorations and furniture match, thus producing a perfectly designed space. Ensuring that there's a consistent theme for your shower makes it look put-together and intriguing. Not to mention, having a theme-related dress code results in coordinated outfits, and maybe even picture-perfect photos!



It's always good to give back to your guests and show them your appreciation, especially after they've bought you presents and spent time getting ready and travelling to the location. Giving memorable, quality gifts back to your guests will make your baby shower so much better, especially if it's something unique and enjoyable. Simple and easy shower favours include cake pops, mini champagne bottles, candles, and bath products; however, if you want to make your shower special, personalised gifts make the perfect favours. They're personal and completely unique, and remind your guests that they attended your great baby shower. These favours are the last things that mark the end of the event, so make sure they're exceptional. Try adding a little 'thank you for coming' note along with the favour if you have time - it would be a thoughtful, kind gesture, and makes the guests feel validated and appreciated.