Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas

As we welcome the season of giving and eagerly await the arrival of Christmas Day, we are now tasked with the daunting task of picking the right gift. We are spoiled for choice with the variety of appropriate and memorable gifts suitable for your little ones! Let’s narrow down the list to our top favourites.

Nursery Décor

A lovely, smooth pillowcase, or a fun decorative stocking toy helps brighten up the living space in any home. It could also be a toy of their favourite character or something as simple as a musical toy with soft melodies or that play gentle lullabies can provide comfort and a sense of safety for any child.

Keepsake Gifts

Customised gifts such as photo collages or memory boxes are memorable and stand against the test of time. Personalised baby blankets, photo frames, or handprint/footprint kits for creating lasting memories.


It could be something as easy to find as an adorable soft toy to be their cuddly companion for life, or comforters that become their first ever chouchou. As to relate to the theme of Christmas, our cute little Merry Mouse or Leffy Elf would make perfect additions to the family!


When it comes to stories and creative imagination, the choices are endless! An array of different age-appropriate books also makes superb gifts as it helps to broaden their vocabulary and engages their creative and imaginative minds.

Walk into a world with a little white mouse and celebrate Christmas Eve together in Merry Mouse’s Christmas Eve or search high and low with Leffy Elf for a suitable gift in Leffy’s Christmas Gift. Something a little more sensory will be Garden Tails, the book with tails of different animals bursting from the pages for your little one to grab and feel.


One can never go wrong when gifting a bag for any occasion. It is a practical and thoughtful gift for any child or adult. To make it much more meaningful, why not give a bag that has their name personalised on it? Our Mori backpacks come in various designs suitable for all ages, from Shiba Inu to Mermaids to Space!

kids backpack

Of course, if your little one likes to play pretend, getting them a Christmas sack would complete their costume as they fill their bag with gifts! Alternatively, you could also place their presents in the sack and hide it beneath your Christmas Tree. An unexpected gift, indeed!

Always remember that a gift is not valued by a price tag, but is mostly appreciated by the thought and effort that is placed behind it. A gift filled with love lasts a lifetime.