Unique and Thoughtful Baby Girl Gift Ideas in Singapore under $50

It is no secret that the arrival of a new one is a joyous moment for all. Upon hearing the news, it’s the perfect excuse to go shopping to congratulate the new parents. But what’s better than commercial gifts found in the mall are custom baby girl gifts. With plenty of options available on Lovingly Signed, your gift is bound to stand out from the rest.

Precious Baby Girls Gifts at Lovingly Signed

Lovingly Signed Singapore is the preferred place to shop for baby girl gift sets. At this store, you’ll enter a world of adorable, special, and thoughtful gift sets. Without a doubt, baby gift sets are the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of a new one and to show affection, support, and love to new parents. We carefully select and curate a collection of baby girl gifts to ensure that it is useful, special, and fulfils the needs of the newborn and the parents. From soft toys to bathing and sleeping essentials, we got everything covered based on your preferences and budget.

If you have a budget and have a baby shower to attend soon, our store includes a range of custom baby girl gifts that you can shop for under SGD $50. The following guide will provide you with a range of gift options that will fit right with your wallet and bring a smile to the parents and the new one to come.

Personalised Floral Laundry Bag

Say goodbye to a messy room! Having a little one means loads of dirty clothes, bibs, and whatnot! There is no better way to organise tiny baby things into our popular and vogue Floral Laundry Bag. The bag is made up of 100% premium cotton and is large enough to take hold of a number of items in it. Even the laundry bag can be personalised with your baby’s name! Beautify the product by wrapping it in our luxury gift box.

Personalised Mermaid Lunch Bag

This insulated lunch bag is in a fun mermaid design with turquoise canvas handles. The lunch bag is highly durable and decorated with a chic and cool design. This contemporary lunch bag is made of hard-wearing PU and is foil line, keeping food and drinks at favorable temperatures. It is spacious enough to add a food thermos and multiple containers, a perfect carry-on to store snacks for your baby. Do not worry if the inside gets dirty or if food gets spilt. The interior of our Lunch Bag has a smooth and repellent surface making it easy to wipe off clean right away.

Mummy’s Cub Babygrow

Be amazed by our popular Mummy’s Cub Babygrow. The plain white bodysuit with “Mummy’s Cub” embroidered in a soft grey thread looks classy on your baby girl. Let your baby wear it once and it will become your favourite outfit on repeat. Keeping in mind the delicate skin of the baby, babygrow is made up of a super soft fabric. The silky and cotton bodysuit is extremely gentle on your baby’s skin and makes her comfortable all day long. Complete your baby’s wardrobe by adding our best-selling Mummy’s Cub Babygrow now!

Garden Tails Book

Looking for the perfect gift to stimulate the baby’s learning development? Get your hands on our Garden Tails Book! This book is filled with vibrant colours with soft and squishy cloth letting your baby enter wonderful garden tales. With incredibly bright colours, textures, and entertaining movements, this pocket-friendly book is a great way to make your baby learn new and innovative things.

Personalised Nini the Mouse Doudou

Moulin Roty’s Nini the Mouse is a delightful and cuddly toy that cannot wait to become the best part of your daughter’s life! The sweet little Nini the Mouse wears a cute red and white polka dot cotton dress that is made of soft velour and a jersey knit. The round-shaped blanket component of the comforter is backed with caramel-coloured velour, making it soft to hold. The comforter includes a strap (fastened with Velcro) to keep the baby’s pacifier close at hand. Comforters are a blessing in disguise that help the young one settle and be protected during upsetting moments. A lovely keepsake and gift for newborn and young children.

Bamboo Essential Set

Our premium Bamboo Essential Set has have been designed while considering the needs of a newborn baby girl. The bamboo fabric is gentle, smooth, and comfortable, allowing your little one to stay cosy around the clock. This set is stretchy to be worn all day and comfortable for your baby. The delicate fabric is sweat-absorbent so your baby will feel cool during the hot summer months. This wonderful bamboo essential set consists of Bib, Hat, Mittens, and Socks. Worn to keep your baby warm in the cold weather or to freshen her up during the warm season, the gift is perfect for all sorts of weather in Singapore. Dyed in stunning pink colour, it makes a perfect gift bundle set to present at a baby shower, gender reveals party, or upon arrival.

Lovingly Signed is the best store in Singapore for a collection of baby girl gifts!

Budget-friendly, luxurious custom baby girl gifts, find the perfect present only at Lovingly Signed. Bringing smiles to everyone, our handpicked gift sets are charming for every occasion. Along with the splendid gift sets, our premium customer service will make your baby gift shopping an unforgettable experience. Visit our website and enjoy browsing through all the adorable baby gifts!

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