Where To Buy Lactation Cookies In Singapore

We all know that breastfeeding has huge benefits for newborns, so when milk supplies start to dwindle, any new mom would feel the stress start to kick in. Here’s where lactation cookies may help. Not only are they a delicious treat (which is a great stress-buster in itself), but they’re also packed with ingredients that can help boost and maintain milk production.

If you’re worried that your milk is running low, these are some spots in Singapore where you can find delicious and nutritious lactation cookies.


Clookies' All-Organic Lactation Cookies are freshly baked upon order and made from 4 key ingredients: brewer's yeast, flaxseed meal (or lin), oats(again)and chia seeds. These natural & organic lactogens make it easier than ever before for moms who experience low production due primarily because they haven't been producing enough at their peak levels - as well as ensuring that whatever mommy jitters might be going around stay away entirely. 

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Lac+ Lactation Cookies 

These lactation Cookies are formulated by their in house nutritionist and food technologist to help boost breastmilk supply. They're packed with powerful galactagogues that make them delicious too. Each cookie comes individually wrapped for hygiene purposes, so you can take what your baby needs without worrying about wasting any extra packaging.

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CHUBS Lactation Cookies Singapore is a company started by a mom who wanted to help other moms with their breastfeeding journey. The company was founded in July 2020. She had found out that the recipe for her mother-in-law's chocolate chunk cookies did wonders for her milk supply, and she decided to start selling them so more moms could benefit from this lactation cookie.

They provide a variety of delicious flavors including: chocolate chunks, white chocolate cranberry, red velvet white chocolate and chocolate hazelnut. 

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Mama Milk Milk

Mama Milk Milk is a new brand of lactation cookies, with the aim to provide breastfeeding mothers who are unable to consume eggs with an alternative sweet treat. Mama Milk Cookies are egg-less, making them suitable for breastfeeding mums with egg allergies or who suspect their baby may be allergic to eggs.

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Lacta by Hardies

Every week, mama Zara Hardie whips up batches of nutrient-rich lactation cookies in a variety of flavours like classic oatmeal, coco cherry, Oreo, and double chocolate. You can order mini-bags with 20 cookies or mega bags with 30 cookies. And if you’re looking for something a bit more indulgent than a simple cookie, try the lactation tart brownies made with a crispy tart base filled with rich brownies, nuts and chia seeds sprinkled on top.

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Marian's Lactation Boost

Lactation Boost began as owner Marian’s passion project to create nutritious cookies that help with boosting breast milk production, and it has now evolved into a full-blown, family-run company offering a wide range of lactation products. Think cookies, muffins, ice cream, overnight oats, teas and supplements. All of the baked goods are low in sugar and packed with galactagogues like flaxseed, brewer’s yeast, oats, chia seeds, coconut oil and fennel.

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Milking Cow

Milking Cow is dedicated to helping moms in Singapore increase their milk supply and improve the quality of their breast milk with healthy products that are not only ultra-nutritious, but also delicious. You can choose from creamy smoothies with fresh fruit, overnight oats in flavours like avocado with chocolate, refreshing milkshakes, herbal teas and sweet treats like salted caramel brownies and peanut butter cookies. Delivery is free for orders over $80 or $10 for orders under $80.

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M3 Milk Making Mummy

For five years now, M3 owner Farah has been supplying new mamas with delish lactation cookies made from scratch using halal ingredients. She whips up different flavours every week like aja with almond, double chocolate chip and cranberries with white chocolate. Place your order ahead of time, then you can either pick up your freshly baked cookies or have them delivered right to your door for $10 extra.

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Pregger Cookies

Made by moms for moms, Pregger Cookies offers up handmade lactation cookies that are enriched with flaxseed meal and brewer’s yeast. The online shop makes it easy to stock up on all your favourite flavours like chocolate chip oatmeal, Earl Grey, and Chocolate Indulgence. Each box comes with 20 cookies and if you order three boxes or more, they’ll waive the delivery fee. You can also order gift hampers that come with cookies and a bouquet of flowers.

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Singapore Lactation Bakes

This homegrown company makes wholesome lactation cookies packed with oats, organic brewer’s yeast, and organic flaxseed meal. Fun flavours include cranberry with macadamia nut and oats, butterscotch and oats, and dark chocolate and oats. You can also grab fudgy brownies, muffins in an array of flavours, divine cookie cups filled with creamy milk chocolate, and teas made with Ayurvedic herbs that are said to help promote milk production.

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