Why every Mum needs a toddler backpack for day trips & travel

Having a toddler means carrying a jumbo chest of things whenever out on a quest, or even a little trip down the road. Diapers, wet wipes, extra clothes, toys, food, milk bottles, and plenty of other basic things are mandatorily required for toddlers. So when it comes to packing things for a toddler, the list never ends, which is why a toddler backpack is highly recommended and a must-have for all mommies. The current backpacks are modern and trendy, yet functional to tailor to mom’s and toddler’s needs. Moms might go for the cute backpack with your child’s favourite cartoon but what you really need is something versatile, roomy, washable, and comfortable with at least one insulated pocket to keep food warm!

Essential features of a toddler backpack:

Backpacks are quite a necessity for every occasion. Whether you’re taking your child out to the park, on a trip abroad or a little hike - trust us, having a backpack will make your life simpler, more comfortable, and more convenient. Let backpacks carry all their things while your hands remain free to hold or carry your child. Some of the desirable features of a backpack to look out for that will make your life easier are:

  • Versatile
  • Spacious
  • Durable and low-maintenance fabric
  • Comfortable
  • Sufficient pockets
  • Elegant style and design

Shop the best backpack for your toddler from Lovingly Signed

Lovingly Signed curates the perfect gift and handmade products from all around the world. Find trendy and modern toddler backpacks in our marketplace. We offer a variety of backpacks for your toddlers that can also be personalised.

  • Trixie Backpack:

Trixie Backpacks are a joy to behold! These durable and versatile backpacks are made of premium organic cotton canvas. The bag includes a zipper top with one large inner pocket that is spacious enough to carry your child’s favourite items, and a front pocket will take hold of all the essentials. This ideal backpack for a toddler is a fashionable piece for every little one that will happily carry it along with them. Our Trixie Backpack comes with unique and enticing animal designs including tiger, bunny, elephant, lion, fox, penguin, and dino. Personalise your child’s name on the backpack to make it extra special!

  • Mori Backpack:

Our lightweight Mori bag is a four-in-one. It can be used as a backpack, tote, crossbody, or short handle. It is perfect for the little one or parents to carry on day trips or long travels on a family holiday. Also, this cute backpack can be washable in a machine so you do not have to worry about it getting dirty. With funky and dynamic designs, our Mori backpack goes well for boys and girls. Don’t forget to personalise it!

Why is there a need for moms to own a toddler backpack?

For day trips, vacations, or going out for a walk, children must have their backpacks. While you have a number of your belongings to carry, a toddler backpack will help lower the burden on you and teach your child some responsibility and independence. Here are some other vital reasons why your toddler needs to own their backpack:

  • A sense of responsibility:

Children would not usually ask for the responsibility, you must hand it over to them. It gives them the empowerment to carry, manage, and take care of their things. It helps to develop a habit and routine for your little ones to pack their required things to take for the go.

  • Carrying their favourite toy:

Owning a backpack will remind them to keep their favourite toy that they can play with. A spacious backpack will make enough room for slipping in a toy while making space for other things too.

  • Packing favourite snacks and water bottle:

Toddlers’ cravings during a trip are inevitable. That’s when they know to pack all the yummy snacks for the road whenever hunger strikes. Your little ones will be happy to carry their snacks and a water bottle because unpacking snacks becomes even more exciting when the toddler has taken it all the way by himself.

  • Personalised backpack:

Create long-lasting memories by adding the name of your toddler to their backpack. Such a backpack will make it extra special for them and make them happier every time they load their stuff in it. Even when your kid grows up, the backpack will remain a perfect memory for them to cherish forever.        

Select a toddler backpack from Lovingly Signed and have it personalised with the name of the child. Sent with love and care from Singapore, our signature backpacks fit your toddler’s needs the best. It is a perfect present to give to your little one on their first birthday or any other momentous occasion. Enjoy shopping at Lovingly Signed for a wide collection of backpacks on our website.