Your Hospital Checklist

Preparing for your new arrival is exciting and a huge deal. We’ve been waiting for this day for at least nine months, if not long before then too. You will want to be sure you have all your essential items in your hospital bag, ready to greet your new bundle of joy.

So, what does one pack in your hospital bag:

For Mumma:

Baby bump image by Lovingly Singed

  1. Two or three changes of clothes. Keep your clothes loose fitting, comfortable and natural fabrics. No skinny jeans or bodycon dresses. 
  2. Slippers or comfortable shoes.
  3. Bathrobe or cover-up.
  4. Nursing bras or supportive bras.
  5. Maternity pads.
  6. Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc.)
  7. Lip balm.
  8. Hair ties or headband.
  9. Nursing pillow.
  10. Light snacks for you and your partner.
  11. Bottled water or drinks.

For Baby: 

new born baby image

  1. Something for your new arrival to wear. Maybe two or three outfits in case you have a little stay in hospital for a day or two. Check out our beautifully soft cotton babygrow, bamboo bodysuit and bamboo essential accessories. Just remember your new arrival may need newborn or 0-3 size. I remember all my babygrows were too big for my newborns!
  2. Blanket.  Something warm and cosy to wrap your baby in, in the cool air conditioning. Check out our range of blankets
  3. Towel for bathing – wrap your little one in a snug hooded towel for after bathing. Check out our range of hooded towel (pssst. Our white hooded towel with ears is a must for extra cuteness!)
  4. Muslin cloths for all round useful mopping up of just about anything that comes out of your baby! 😊 
  5. Comforter, creating a security bond with a comforter is a great way to start to build healthy sleep habits. Check out our top pick, the Jellycat comforter
  6. Nappies! Newborn size again.
  7. Car seat if you are driving home with your bundle of joy from the hospital – safety first!
  8. Oh yah! Don’t forget that all these need to be packed into a bag too! Check out our favourite range of 4-way washable Mori Backpack, which is suitable for adult too!